We recommend having maintenance once a year. Maintenance is mandatory during the warranty period. The waiting time for maintenance is 2-3 weeks.

Price of maintenance is 80.-

VAT is added to the price.

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We will fix problems as soon as possible. Please provide a detailed description of the malfunction. We have 29 years invaluable experience in solving various faults. We also provide refrigeration technician services including compressor replacements.


Call to the house 45.-

VAT is added to the price


Heat pump projects for private homes with different heat sources. We are also writing projects for  KREDEX support measures for home renovation. Various projects for businesses - heat production, domestic hot water heating, heat recovery from ventilation, cooling systems or exothermic production.


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  • projects

  • floor heating or radiator systems

  • bore holes

  • collectors (ground and spiral collectors)

  • ventilation

  • heat pumps

  • air-water heat pumps

Include as much information as possible when making a query. If possible, send house drawings and layout.


We offer consultation at the office or on site. We perform systems assessments that can be submitted to insurance companies. 


Consultations on site are for predetermined fee.

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